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Memory for You

This page is a shrine to the anime-Series Fruits Basket, based on the manga by Takaya Natsuki. Since I don't have the original manga myself, everything here is based on the anime version. This site is chockful of spoilers (you have been warned ;)) and mainly for those people who have already watched the whole series and are pondering why this anime engages their emotion so strongly. It's also very speculative, after all I am sure that the manga explains many things differently or in more detail (it hasn't finished its run in Japan yet, either, they're at Volume 17 now).

Please, support Fruits Basket, manga and anime, by buying it when the licensed version comes out in your country (US: anime at Funimation this autumn; all four US DVDs are out now - German Import for example at Neotokyo in Munich - which is where I got mine - but they also send stuff per mail, Germany: manga at Carlsen currently running in DAISUKI). All episode quotes are based on the Funimation sub, which is excellent to my mind.

Some new wallpapers I fiddled with

My goodness, still an occasional visitor. Thank you for still checking up on this ^^

"Even supposing today there may have been some pain,
And though the scars of yesterday remain,
You can go on living as much as your heart wants to believe.
You cannot be born again, although
You can go on changing yourself, and so
Let's stay together,

(For Fruits Basket, Anime Opening)


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Last Update : Saturday, February 5th, 2005

All the images have been captured or scanned by me. So please credit Memory for You, if you take any images or wallpapers, by linking back to me.

The copyright of the anime and the characters remains with Takaya Natsuki and TV Tokyo, respectively.

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