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Memory for You - A shrine to the Fruits Basket Anime




Here you'll find links to Fruits Basket sites and other anime-links.

onigiri Official Fruits Basket Sites:

 Japanese site of the Fruits Basket mangaka : The Japanese site of the Furuba mangaka (discontinued).

Fruits Basket.com (Funimation US Anime Site)

TV Tokyo: Official Fruits Basket Site (Anime)

Hakusensha: Official Fruits Basket Site (Manga)

King Records/ Star Child: Official Fruits Basket Site (Music)

Daisuki Online: German Shoujo Manga Magazine - which features the Furuba manga since Issue 1

onigiri Fansites:

Open Directory Project: Fruits Basket

Furuba Magic : incredible treasury for source materials, great forum, e-postcards, direct transcriptions of episodes by a Singapore lady. She even links to me: thank you :D.

Dai Bouken : full of great information on every aspect of the manga.

Chiisana Inori : Not just pretty, but full of well-researched info.

Fu-ru-ba : A Fruits Basket sprite adoption page.

Crescent Wish - Neko no omoi: has incredible Kyo layouts and offers the theme-song to her layout as mp3 for a time.

Pretty German Fruits Basket shrine with lots of goodies.

onigiri Anime sites:

really nifty German Anime club with news, fanart, topsites, etc.

Shoujostation.com : if you're interested in webdesign or webpages with a shoujo      theme, this directory will be your cup of tea. Some great tips and essays really add value to      the community.

onigiri Miscellaneous Links:

 Glitter Web Directory : web-directory for nifty-looking webdesign.

All the images have been captured or scanned by me. So please credit Memory for You, if you take any images or wallpapers, by linking back to me.

The copyright of the anime and the characters remains with Takaya Natsuki and TV Tokyo, respectively.

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