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:Miscellaneous Info:

Actually, I do not want to repeat information that has already been collected and presented very attractively on other sites, so this will guide you directly to the information you are looking for, while crediting the sources.


  • Information on the Juunishi and their characteristics in Chinese Astrology as pertains to Fruits Basket can be found here (Chiisana Inori)
  • Which member of the Juunishi are you?
  • The historical information on the Juunishi on which the Furuba-version was based can be found here.

Song Lyrics (Japanese/ English)

     Song Lyrics for all the songs in the anime

Seiyuu Infos

     Exept for Akito's Seiyuu, whom you can find a picture of here at TV Tokyo's Fruits Basket site (second from left, top row), but whose name I couldn't translate into English (since they used an image to write it), you'll find a nice overview of the Japanese speakers, pictures and other roles here. (Chiisana Inori)

All the images have been captured or scanned by me. So please credit Memory for You, if you take any images or wallpapers, by linking back to me.

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