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:Episode 3 -"Kindness has different shapes for everyone ":
(focus on Kyo/Yuki)

Like in the last episode, this one starts out right where the last has left off - with Kyo running away from the co-ed classroom in his new school - the one that Tohru and Yuki have visited all this time. Yuki follows him and in the next dialogue we have the personal dilemma/conflict of the two in a nutshell:

Yuki: Living in fear every day of transforming is far preferable to living like I'm in hiding, and going to the boys' school that Akito decided on. I wanted to get out of the Sohma cage, if only a little bit.
Kyo: ...
How could a Rat... how could you understand? ...
I will win! I will win against you for sure! I will win against you and become a formal member of the Sohma family! I won't stand for being shunned any longer! I will win!

There it is: Yuki wants out, Kyo wants in and both see the other as the mirror of their own failure at suceeding. Tohru realises this when she follows them and overhears this talk. Being Tohru she can't help but try to calm Kyo down, which a) turns him into a cat again, and b) makes him lose his temper so much that he tells her she is "nasty to look at". Kyo - as always - regrets his outburst immediately and feels even more guilty when Yuki refuses to fight him out of disgust with his behaviour towards Tohru

Openhearted and therefore vulnerable Tohru is deeply hurt at being cursed at like this by her Juunishi-favorite and sits in atypical dejection medidating on this, until she is found by Hana-chan and Uo-chan. Aware that she looks hurt, Tohru even goes as far as hurting herself on purpose, so that no one asks what the reason for her dejected attitude is.

Meanwhile Kyo - disgusted at his own behaviour - has skipped school and is actually feeling bad enough to tell Shigure what he did to Tohru. Shigure, in his mix of teasing and wisdom, reads him the riot act:

Kyo - disgusted with his own behaviour towards TohruKyo: I say nothing but terrible things... to her.
Shigure: To her? You mean to Tohru-kun? Uh-huh. You yelled at her again, with the same tone you always use, right? If it gets you down afterward, you could just not yell, you know. Such a wretched temperament.
Kyo: It's no use. I'm just not cut out for associating and living with people.
Shigure: There are people who are like that, but in your case, it just comes from not having enough experience with them.
For example, with one fist you can break a table in half. However, you can also make that fist stop just short of it. That's because you can control by yourself how much power to portion out your fist, right? [...] Look, you. It's the same with getting along well with other people. It's just that this training can't be done in the mountains. It has to be done in the cities, where people live.
Unless you interact with people, hurting them and being hurt by them as you learn about them as well as learn about yourself, you'll never become the kind of person who can care about others. Even though you may have a black belt in martial arts, you still have a white belt at getting along with others. In order for you to become able to cherish a girl, who at some point is kind enough to tell you that she likes you, right now you have to continue to train, without running away.
Kyo: There'll never be anyone like that!
Shigure: But if there were, what would you do?
Kyo: I can't even imagine. First, I'd ask if she was crazy.

Meanwhile Tohru is on her way home from her part-time job, late in the evening as always, pondering the rage of Kyo and the fact that he probably hasn't eaten dinner again. She's also rather nervous, remembering Shigure's warning that molesters have been known to frequent the woods around his house.

So when Kyo, who overheard Yuki and Shigure talking about Tohru's late return, silently as his name-sake the Cat appears next to her - to accompany her home - she mistakes him for a molester and he gets her schoolbag in the face (^^). Kyo, of course, equates this with the way HE would react to being verbally abused and just considers it his just deserts - which is why he does not get overly annoyed - but doggedly goes on with his planned apology:

Kyo: Stop saying "-san" after my name! It irritates me. You can do without it.
Tohru: ...Kyo-kun...
Kyo: What do you want?
Tohru: Ah, I was just trying it out.
Kyo: Don't call on me without a reason!!
Tohru: YES!!
Kyo: No.... I mean... that's okay... calling me without a reason. It's okay for you to hang around in front of me, and if I do anything that upsets you, you can hit me like you just did.
Tohru *thinking*: ( Could this possibly mean... he's trying to apologize about what happened today? Is that why he's here now?) [...] Umm... I ... I'm sorry, that wasn't it. The reason I hit you with a bag is because I mistook you for a molester!
Kyo: Molester?
Quite the contrary... I like you! I really like the Cat from the Juunishi!Tohru: So you see, it's not that I was upset at you! Quite the contrary... I like you! I really like the Cat from the Juunishi! That is to say, um, I... want to be friends!
Kyo *remembering* (Shigure: If there were one, what would you do? A girl who says she likes you?)
... There isn't anything good about the Cat. Let's hurry up and go home.
Tohru *thinking*: (I've started to somewhat understand Kyo-Kun.. He's a little more awkward than others, but he's certainly a good person deep down. He's a gentle person, who knows when he feels sorry.)

~Eye Catch

So now Tohru and Kyo have made their peace, Kyo tries to hold on to his temper in front of her. In fact, in school he is much more approachable than Yuki, so when Tohru drags him into her circle of friends to play "Poor man, rich man" he manages to get along with Uo-chan and Hana-chan quite naturally - even when his temper bubbles over and he lets himself be tempted into a wagger of having to clean the classroom if he loses the game.

Yuki, however, feels more and more isolated seeing this and having to fend off another love-sick schoolgirl's desperate devotion:

Yuki: Sorry. Right now, I don't feel like seeing anybody, so I have to say ...
Girl: No, I don't want to hear it! Yuki-kun!
Yuki: Ah... Well...
Girl: Yuki-kun, you are nice... but there's something about you that rejects others!
Everyone says so! "Yuki-kun is special", they say. "An 'ordinary' girl isn't good enough to match up with Yuki-kun."

Returning to the classroom finding Kyo as part of the class-community, starts the old resentment bubbling  in Yuki, so when school is over and he talks to Tohru about the game, trying to downplay his own regret of not having been part of it, while watching Kyo clean the room, both Sohmas get into another fight with the despairing Yuki being a harsher victor than usual - which Tohru and even Kyo realise.

Kyo: Damn, why can't I ever win! Today's move was a particularly rough one. He must be in a bad mood.[...]
Tohru *thinking*: (No matter how considerate Sohma-kun is towards others, he may be the kind of person who keeps his own feelings shut up inside him.)

So when Tohru finds Yuki outside the place of her part-time job, waiting to accompany her home that night, she urges him to confide in her and share the burden. Unfortunately, a drunk passerby knocks Tohru into Yuki, but maybe in his Rat-shape it is easier for Yuki to open his heart to Tohru and share his fears with her:

Yuki shares his worries with TohruYuki: When I was at my parents' house, it was like I was in a cage, being kept watch on by the main house and Akito. I was surrounded by ordinary people and yearned for an ordinary life. That's why I left the house and began going to a co-ed high school.
However, as it turns out, I haven't left the cage at all. I'm still living in a Sohma's house, same as before, and I can't associate with others very well. It's not that I... mean to reject them, but there's something about me that's awkward. And since I am like this, I can't escape my feelings of inferiority, or my being frightened.
But Kyo is different! He may not take well to those who he's unfamiliar with, but I think once you get to know him, he's the type of person that draws others in. Even if he can't become one of the Juunishi, I think it's better for one to be able to naturally get along with ordinary people. I wanted to be like that, too.
That's why it gets on my nerves. When I see for myself how Kyo wants to join the Sohmas... I wonder what it is about me that wants to leave there.
Tohru: Sohma-kun, you too have the power to draw people in. So many girls say they like you, and that you're nice.
Yuki: I'm only nice because I want to be liked by them. It's like I'm giving them candy because I want to be in their circle of friends. I'm only being nice for my own sake. Maybe that's hypocritical...

With the night turning to a rainstorm, Yuki needs to defend his "secret base" which turns out to be a small vegetable plot. Tohru decides to help him in her enthusiastic way, cheered by the honour of having been introduced to the secret base. So while the winds and the rain rage around them, she picks up the thread about being nice and tries to show him another perspective on  kindness - the wisdom of her mother.

Yuki: Honda-San, you sure are kind!
Tohru: Ah, you can't mean it. It's... it's the first time I've ever had anyone say that to me. I'm so happy. Ah, but what if I too am being hypocritical, and only doing this so I will look like a good person to others?
Yuki: No, Honda-san, I think it's in your nature.
Tohru: Still, my mother always said that it's better to believe than to doubt.
"People aren't born with kindness, you know", she would say. "Things like our appetites, or material desires - that's what we're all born with. It just means that they are instinctive for survival. Kindness is something that develops, just like our bodies do, and the heart that grows inside us is our conscience", she'd say. That's why it takes on different forms, depending on the person.
*flashback*( Kyoko: Desire is something that everyone is born with, so it's easy to comprehend. But kindness is like something which people have to hand-make for themselves, so it is easily misunderstood or taken to be hypocrisy, you see.)
*end flashback*

When I heard that, I was exited to think that people had kindnesses that were of different shapes - like they could be round or pointy.
Sohma-kun, your kindness is like a candle. Your light shines brightly. When it does, I become happy and want to smile. Ah... a candle must seem pretty weird, hmm?
Yuki: Mmmm... no, it's just... I'm really pathetic. Here I am a guy, yet the way I was going about everything...
Tohru: I'm happy you did. Sohma-kun, for you to tell me so many things about yourself, I feel that we are getting along that much better. [...]
*flashback* (Kyoko: Doubting is easy, it's something all of us can do. Tohru, you believe. Become the kind of girl who can believe in others... That will surely... surely lend strength to someone.)
*end flashback*

Yuki really smiles at Tohru for the first timeHaving successfully defended the vegetables, the bedraggled Yuki considers Tohru's advice and decides to jump over his own feeling of awkwardness and take part in the next card-game Tohru and her friends set up. In fact, he openly and completely happily beams at Tohru, making her realise that this is the first time she has really seen Yuki smile.~ END OF EPISODE

Click here to watch a slideshow of the most interesting moments in Episode 3. You better bring some time though, since the images are of good quality ;-).

Name Suffixes: Japanese names are sometimes given suffixes, like English use prefixes.

  • -san: is similar to Mr., Mrs. or Ms. It is used in most circumstances.
  • -chan: This is usually used to refer to people who are younger than you or as a term of endearment.
  • -sensei: Used for an instructor or teacher.
  • -kun: This is used with people who are your peers or lower in status.
  • -sama: This is used as a very formal respectful manner like lord or lady.






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