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:Episode 4-"I want to know more aspects of you":
(focus on Kyo/Kagura)

This is the first episode that does not necessarily follow in a direct timeline from the last episode. In many ways this is a comic relief-episode, mainly due to Kagura's personality and her introduction to Tohru. Yuki and Shigure largely take a backseat to the Kagura/Kyo interaction and to Tohru's view of the two personalities as the innocent bystander ^^.

Meet Sohma Kagura, another one of the JuunishiThe stage is set when the Sohma household can feel the earth shake, and Kyo's fur/hair stands on end, but no destruction can be seen as Tohru goes to open the door. Instead an incredibly cute girl shyly seems to be looking for Kyo... meet Sohma Kagura.

Interestingly, Shigure - who knows who has arrived and what will happen just as well as Yuki and Kyo - simply stops Kyo from avoiding the so kawaii Kagura, whom Tohru accepts at face value right away. So she is severely disturbed when kawaii Kagura (complete with shojo-imagery of flowers and all) turns into a raging fury because Kyo hasn't contacted her in the four months he was training with his master.

Shigure: It's okay, this is how Kagura expresses affection.
Tohru: Is that so? Umm, it's just that she seems quite eccentric.
Yuki: When Kagura becomes filled with emotion, this is how she gets. Particularly so when it comes to Kyo. Despite all this, she's two years older than us.
Shigure: And she's one of the Juunishi.
Tohru (happy): I thought so. Which year might she be?
Shigure: Hmm, I'd have thought you'd know just by watching her...

Kagura demonstrates that hugging Juunishi don't change shapeSome more facts about the Juunishi are also introduced: when males and females of the Juunishi hug, they do NOT transform and there are two more females in the Juunishi (one of whom unfortunately only shows up in the manga and not the Furuba anime). Kagura demonstrates with Kyo and Yuki, and completely concentrates on trying to convince Kyo that his promise to marry her (which she blackmailed him for by threatening to beat him up - AND she can SEVERELY beat him up, as we continually see during this episode) was the right decision and that no other girl will do. She settled on him when they were years younger and has not wavered in her love-obsession since.

Kagura *panicked*: Kyo-kun! Under the circumstances, tell me straight! Do you love me? Do you hate me? As for me, I love you! I love you most in the whole world! I love you most in the whole universe! For you, Kyo-kun, I would cook delicious meals for you every day and as for affairs, I will forgive you if your heart wavers momentarily! No matter how you think about it, I am the only one who loves you this much, Kyu-kun, just me! You don't think there's anyone else, right?! *goes mental again* [...]
Shigure *fanning the flames*: Tohru-kun, you like Kyo-kun, too, don't you? Being a fan of Cats, and all...
Tohru *happily clueless*: Yes! I'm a fan of Cats.
Kagura: A rival! - But I won't lose out to you!
Tohru: Um...
Kagura: Tohru-kun, what is it you like about Kyo-kun? For me it's everything, I like everything!
Kyo *disgusted, but volume at low level*: Oy!
Kagura: The good things, the bad things - I accept them all! Even if Kyo-kun were to become his true form, you watch, I'll accept --!
Kyo *firmly grabs hold of her blabbermouth, simmering with rage*: You just try to speak another pointless word! I'll show you no mercy!
Kagura's eyes swimming with tears and shock about her near-indiscretion. Then goes mental: HOW WILL YOU SHOW ME NO MERCY, HMMMM?!
Yuki: How about getting her to show you some mercy, Kyo?
Tohru *clueless and grasping for straws*: Ah, sounds like the laundry is done.

~ Lots of Eyecatches this episode which shows the action nature.

Kagura wants to be Kyo's ideal womanHer constant attempts to convince him by being the ideal woman (soft, submissive, adoring, kawaii) repeatedly are frustrated by her extremely short fuse, which makes Kyo's temper pale in comparison. He reacts more with dread and annoyance to Kagura's declarations and her attempts to impress him lead to a lot of destruction (ripped sliding doors, a flood from too much detergent in the washing mashine when she wanted to wash Kyo's clothes, ripping his favourite t-shirt while wringing it dry) in Shigure's house - for which she is sincerely sorry and depressed. Shigure - in his role as older advisor :P - does lend her an ear, but his advice is full of clichés, for which he gets his come-uppance right away, when the literal Kagura takes his teasing to be the truth (serves him right this time).

Another aspect here is a short and, only in retrospect, important reference to Kyo's true form, which obviously is not to be spoken of. The reference will only be revealed in the last episodes of the series, and - sure enough - Kagura will be on hand to demonstrate her love and loyalty to Kyo, however little he appreciates it.

Tohru, however, admires Kagura for her steadfast love, and for finding lovable aspects in her adored Kyo at such an early age. She much desires to be friends with Kagura, who does see her as a rival simply by living in the house with Kyo. Tohru - at least in this episode - shows no sign of an infatuation with Kyo, but Kagura's love does make her think of what she would like to find if she found someone to love and to definitely find out more about the two fascinating Juunishi who are now her classmates:

Yuki: You've probably figured it out already, but Kagura can really only see as far as Kyo, due to her personality. In fact, Kagura has kept saying she would marry Kyo since she was little.
Tohru: Right. Kagura-san is incredible.
Yuki: Incredible?
Tohru: For her to be able to like the same person for over ten years, without her feelings changing one bit, is really something incredible.
Yuki: Hmm... maybe you're right.
Tohru: I want to become friends with Kagura-san.
Yuki: Knowing you, Honda-san, I'm sure you'd make a good friend.
Tohru: I'll be very happy, if that's true.

So when Kagura laboriously attempts to remove the signs of her destructive rampage, Tohru can't help trying to help her, and after some prevaricating Kagura does accept her help and even seems to bond with her like any normal teenage girl who has met a kindred soul. However, she obviously sees Tohru as a person to be patronized, calling her Tohru or Tohru-kun like Shigure does, while Tohru never wavers from the formal (and for strangers correct) Kagura-san during the whole episode.

The upset and annoyed Kyo has climbed to his favourite spot on the roof and just wants to wait out Kagura's visit, but even here Tohru manages to coax him into eating his supper and talk about what bothers him so much.

Tohru: Kyo-kun. Have you by chance been up here since evening?
Kyo: Yah. Tonight Kagura is down there, after all.
Tohru: Is it wrong for her to be here?
Kyo just doesn't know how to deal with Kagura's loveKyo: Of course it's wrong! When she's here, things go badly for me. She never, ever understands what's going on. Marriage and what not - there's something strange about her, you know? What a pain!
Tohru: As for me... I think it's amazing that someone could come to like someone else so much. What's more... what's more, marriage is, after all, the greatest dream girls have.
~ Eyecatch
Onigiri for Kyo
~ Eyecatch
Tohru, finally getting some longer conversation without temper out of Kyo:
Kyo-kun, is it YOUR dream to defeat Sohma-kun? You've even trained up in the mountains, and all.
Kyo: Hmm? Yeah. Did you hear that from Shigure?
Tohru: Training must have been pretty rough, I'm sure, all by yourself.
Kyo: I wasn't alone. I was with my master.
Tohru: A master-san? Is he somebody strong?
Kyo *exited*: Of course he is! If that damned Yuki were to go up against Master, he'd be ragged. My master is one of the Sohma, but he is strong, and he understand me. He's been teaching me how to fight since I was a little kid. My training in the mountains was very harsh, but I lived every day to the fullest! I couldn't wait until the next day! Just thinking what I would be taught next, or how strong I could become made me excited! Ah, for the first time in a long while, I wanted to match up against someone!
This must be a boring tale to be telling a girl, huh?
Tohru: N-No, not at all! I don't know a thing about fighting, but it isn't at all boring! It's not like I don't have any interest in fighting, and um... I know a few of the moves... Let's see...
Right straight!
Kyo *amused*: That was damn lousy.
Tohru *thinking* I found another part of the real Kyo-kun. Underneath that always angry-looking face of his, there hides an awkward smile.

The next morning we finally find out that Kagura is the boar/pig in the Juunishi, when a postal worker accidentally bumps into her. Yuki distracts the guy masterfully and Tohru compliments Kagura on being astute enough to have found lovable facets in Kyo - something she has just started to see in their conversation that night. She vows to look for these in the person she might come to love in the future: Like you, Kagura-san, I'd like to be able to find so many nice points about somebody I liked...was what I was trying to say.

While Tohru may not be thinking romantically about either of the two boys, it is becoming evident that Yuki appreciates her more and more.

Kyo: What are you looking at?
Tohru: I was thinking how lucky you were, Kyo-kun.
Kyo: Don't be ridiculous. We're gonna be late!
Yuki: Good grief, with all this commotion I didn't get anything planted.
Tohru: Sohma-kun, are you adding new vegetables to your base?
Yuki: Mm-hmm. Strawberries.
Tohru: Strawberries? I love strawberries.
Yuki: Mm-hm. I thought you would like them.
Tohru: Uh? Heh... You know...

The meeting with Kagura and Tohru's discovery of her appreciation of Kyo - and of course the midnight conversation with him - do lead Tohru to a firm decision to find out even more about her two so different from the norm classmates, a decision she doesn't want to name a cause for but which surely seems to rest in the fact that she is seeing them (especially Kyo) in the light of possible relationship material - not yet for herself, but in general.

Tohru *thinking*: For some reason, I've become filled with an unusual motivation to do something. About Kyo-kun... About Sohma-kun...
About what they like...
About what they don't like...
I think I'd like to understand them all a little better. I think it would be great if I could discover a variety of other aspects about them that I haven't seen before.


Click here to watch a slideshow of the most interesting moments in Episode 4. You better bring some time though, since the images are of good quality ;-)


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