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:Episode 5 -"I wanted to stay...":
(focus on Tohru)

Another episode which directly follows the one before, sees Tohru trying to put her decision into action (I want to learn more about Sohma-kun and Kyo-kun. This feeling grows stronger and stronger, but I'll start slowly and work my way up steadily from what I already know.) by borrowing books from the schhool library about their hobbies (Kyo/martial arts, Yuki/gardening) and reading up on those ~ and of course she also gets a new recipe book to have more options for lunch and dinner at Sohma house ^^.

This is the first episode focussing on Tohru's inner self and her development. In the first episode we were introduced to her and then got the contrast of the Sohma household-lifestyle and problems. In the following episodes she mostly served as a bystander and stand-in for the viewers (always with the special innocent Tohru-charm and world-view) and started catalysing inner changes in the members of the Juunishi she met (except for Shigure who certainly seems happy with himself the way he is). This episode will be a clarification for all the nebulous feelings which leave Tohru to be fascinated by the Sohmas, but in true dramatic fashion she has to get through quite a bit of hardship to come to this revelation:

Having just gotten the books from the library she is called to the phone by one of the teachers, where her grandfather tells her that the restauration of his house is complete, so she should now come home. Still in a state of shock and deadened emotions, Tohru wastes no time telling this to Shigure after her return from school. When Tohru tells this to Shigure, Kyo is practicing outside and is surprised and annoyed at being informed (now he has just about gotten used to her being there) that her stay was meant to be temporary. Being Kyo he can't articulate his upset other than to lose his temper, which Shigure accurately and mercilessly points out:

Kyo (interrupting, upset): THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS..... asking...
Tohru: Oh, p- pardon me... ummm...
Shigure: Kyo-kun was just taken by surprise at this sudden news. However, his becoming angry at you, Tohru-kun, is what you would call misdirected rage. Though I do understand why he would miss her.
Kyo (firing up): Why should I!?
Shigure: Even so, this is indeed sudden.
Tohru: Luckily, this is a Saturday. I think I'll get my packing in order and take my leave of you this evening (Kyo in the background raging silently then turning away upset).
Shigure: There's no particular need to hurry, any time is fine with us.
Tohru: No, I have to put my things away at the house there and everything. After all they say to strike "when the iron is hot". So then, I'll go start packing right away (opening the door to find Yuki standing outside with a surprised and upset look on his face). ...Um..., thank you for your kindness while I was here.
Yuki: Ah... Umm.. (watches her go up the stairs to her room).
Shigure (leaning out of the doorframe): Don't just "Ah... Umm" her. Couldn't you have said anything a little more tactful than that, Yuki-kun? I'm not sure if you're just too curt or too uncultured, but unless you're more amiable, you won't be able to carry on - shall we say - smooth relations with... (Yuki tunes him out).

Downstairs the two youngsters are prodded by Shigure to tell him why they aren't stopping Tohru from leaving. Yuki, calmly sitting at the table retreats into his logical shell and points out that the agreement only had been for the time of the house-renovations. So, when the renovation is finished, it is only natural for Tohru to leave. Kyo, curled sideways on the floor with his back to the others and his hair hanging into his face completely obscuring his eyes, simply comments in a low, thoughtful voice that "Having her... having others in the house is weird, isnt't it?" - leaving Shigure and Yuki silent.

At the top of the stairs Tohru is slowly packing her things, having a silent discussion with her mother again, berating herself for always putting too much emotion and effort into connections to other people and attempting to adopt them as family...

Tohru (packing): I had things wrong. There was no way I could have become family. Mother, I'm really missing something after all, huh? Come to think of it, when I was a child, there was a game called "Fruits Basket" we used to play.
(memory: You're an apple, you're a banana, you're a mandarin orange, you're a watermelon. Cherry, Asian pear, peach.
Tohru as a little girl: Honda, you're an onigiri riceball.
Onigiri? How delicious!)

That was probably meant as a slight tease (Okay, here goes! Apple!) However I didn't realise it. (Now peach!) A fun-looking game was unfolding before my very eyes... (Orange!) I waited earnestly for them to call "onigiri"...
Yes, ever since long ago, I haven't thought things through enough. There is no way an "onigiri" could have joined a fruits basket.

Embarassed at the desire to make the Sohmas her family, which she has just discovered inside herself, Tohru takes her leave of the family in a flurry of well-meaning household tips. And to make completely sure everything goes smoothly and they know where to turn if they have any questions, she hands Shigure her grandfather's adress.

Everything seems to be in good form, but when Shigure and Yuki find the cold dinner Tohru has thoughtfully prepared for the family, it does make them feel a bit melancholy - although only Shigure voices that thought.

The tone of the family reunion is set, when Tohru after her polite greeting is accepted into the house by her aunt with the words "You didn't have to rush so. It would have been fine if you had taken your time." Only her grandfather welcomes her openly. Her female cousin is annoyed she has to share her room (after all they just renovated and enlarged the house, for crying out loud!). No one treats her with respect (calling her  "Tohru-chan" in a patronising tone).

Meanwhile not-so-subtle Shigure quetches around the Sohma-house about Tohru's absence, reminiscing about her delicious food and Yuki's abysmal performance in a kitchen (^^). "To think that two handsome young men could not gang up and keep the girl who could cook stew this delicious from leaving - it's pathetic."

Tohru's male cousing is unhappy with her ironing of his clothes, her aunt is out of patience with the fact that she does not know where things are in the kitchen. Tohru finds that the kitchen reminds her of "home", i.e. her kitchen at Sohma house. At the same time Yuki and Kyo are reminded of Tohru again and again by little things they remember.
While Tohru stands in the dark at the window of the room she shares with her female cousin, hoping the Sohma boys watch the full moon as well, Kyo is lying in his favourite private spot on the roof and looks sad.
The next morning in school Tohru is happy to greet Kyo:

Tohru (happy to see Kyo in school): Good Morning!
Kyo: H- Hi! (turns and leaves)
Tohru walks to the classroom somewhat dejected.
Yuki (waiting for her in front of the classroom):
Good morning!
Tohru: Good Morning!
Yuki: So, how are things for you at your grandfather's house?
Tohru: Right. Everyone is being kind to me and things are pleasant.
Yuki: Really? That's good.
Tohru: Yes! (they keep on talking)

Both boys obviously miss Tohru, but this time tables are turned in their emotional reaction to this hurt: Kyo, normally so outspoken about things he likes or hates, withdraws and can't deal with the root of his problem. Yuki, the quiet and reserved guy who so often hides behind his good looks and icy intelligence, attempts to show Tohru that his caring for her continues and that he still is her friend, just as she had wanted him to be - even when there had been that talk about hypnotizing her into forgetting the Juunishi-curse (in episode 2). But when the boys return home, both of them head right for their private places (Kyo on the roof, Yuki and his secret base vegetable garden) and brood about their most cherished memories of Tohru.
You can see Kyo's sadness and helplessness in his eyes, while Yuki broods elegantly. There is no doubt neither one has any idea how to stop hurting.

However, Kyo's reaction at school confirms Tohru in her decision to stop relying on the boys' kindness, i.e. their interest in her and her well-being. But when she returns to her grandfather's house this time, her aunt has a sordid question to ask her:

Tohru: Hello, I'm home.
Aunt: Do you have a moment?
Tohru: Yes?
Aunt:Tohru-chan, I understand you have been living in a house with men up till now.[...] I had a detective agency check up on you.
Tohru: Umm, why did you go to all that trouble?
Aunt: Our oldest son, you see, has the dream of becoming a policeman. As such, there would be a problem if anyone in his family were to have a criminal record, right? I thought that maybe using a detective agency was overdoing it, but a long time ago Kyoko-san was quite wild... They say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree", so it made me uneasy.
Now that you're living in this house, be careful not to undertake anymore rash actions, okay?
Grandfather defends Tohru's honor from the dirty mind of her male cousinMale cousin: Tohru-chan... You didn't do anything indecent with the men in that house, right?
(The grandfather slaps the cousin)
Aunt: Grandpa!
Grandfather: Don't you know how to do anything besides ridicule others?
Tohru-san, I apologize. Please don't think poorly of them. They're just disagreeable folks by nature.
Aunt: Just a minute, Grandpa! You can't follow with that!

When a totally shocked and distraught Tohru leaves the room, her grandfather follows and opens her eyes to her freedom of choice:

Grandfather: Tohru-san? Even this family is dear to me, and this is where I live. Even if they do say a few untoward things, I can tolerate it. However, there's no reason for YOU to put up with it to keep living here.
Tohru: You don't mean...?
Grandfather: Ah, don't get me wrong! I'm not trying to chase you out of here. It's just that it wasn't like Kyoko-san to put up with anything, and you are her daughter, right? Kyoko-san would be more vivacious living in a place where she could spread her arms wide... Katsuya used to say so as well.
Tohru: My father?
Grandfather: Yes. So if there's somewhere you'd rather be, you can go.
Tohru: But... that wouldn't be right. My mother loved me so much,... and I have two wonderful friends named Hana-chan and Uo-chan... I have been so blessed...
Sohma-kun and the others were so nice to me, and now I'm being allowed to live in a house with a roof on it... I should be thankful for all of it.
(starts crying) And yet... and yet for me... to want to go back there... To think that leaving Sohma-kun and the others' house would make me this lonesome. I wanted to learn more about Sohma-kun and Kyo-kun. I wanted to eat our meals together, and talk to them about lots of things,... much, much more...
Truthfully, I did not want to leave. I wanted to stay in that house, with Sohma-kun, Kyo-kun and Shigure-san. I wanted to stay.
Yuki: In that case...
Tohru: Huh!
Yuki: Come on back home!
Kyo: Let's go!
Tohru: Kyo-kun, you too? (get's grabbed by the head while Kyo drags her out the house)

Yuki the ever-courteous and practical explains to the flabbergasted family that the door was unlocked so they let themselves in and wants to know where "Honda-san's" things are. He completely lets the reins on his temper lose though, when the male cousin can't keep his dirty mouth shut once again: Male Cousin: By any chance are you one of the people in the house where Tohru-chan was cohabitating? Yuki (low voice, very threatening): Don't you call her "Tohru-chan" like you were cozy with her. You LOWLIFE! He looks at least as dangerous as when he fights Kyo ^^ - no matter that the cousin is a head taller than him.

Outside an annoyed and somewhat embarrassed Kyo tries to talk some sense into Tohru, pointing out that she shouldn't have left them if she didn't want to and how much trouble it was to have to work together with Yuki to find this house:

Tohru: Umm, Kyo-kun, what were you doing there?
Kyo: You were the one that left the address, weren't you? And what a hard address to find! Yuki and Kyo fighting over the right way to Tohru's grandfather's houseThanks to you I got caught having to walk around here looking for you together with that damned Yuki, you know!
Tohru (thinking): Even as they were quarrelling, they came to pick me up?
Kyo: Wh-What are you smiling about?!
Tohru: R- Right, sorry!
Kyo: Thaaat's not what I meant... It's just...
anyway, I don't even know why I am doing this. Why is it that the moment you left, I had to become all irritable!? Not knowing the reason just made me more cranky!
And REALLY! If you didn't WANT to leave, you should have said so from the BEGINNING!
Tohru: How do you know about that?
Kyo: We heard you, every word.... (Tohru blushes deep red)
It's okay... to tell people what you want, you know. If people tell you day after day, then you'd lose your head, but in your case...
It's okay for you to complain or say what you want once in a while.
It's okay to get discouraged. (Tohru can't keep from crying now)
Wh-What's the matter!? Why are you crying? Hey!
Tohru: I want to... go home..
I want to go back home where everyone else is.
Kyo (exasperatedly grasps her hand and drags her): OKAY, then! Let's go on home!
Let's go home! Tohru: (childhood memory/desire: Onigir!) I'm sure there's nobody else as lucky as I am, Mother.
So then, let's go home! To the house where my new family is!

I'm back!

This episode's obvious plot point has cleared the way for Tohru to stay with the Sohmas permanently. Below that  level I believe that Tohru has clarified for herself how she feels about the Sohma's and why she is so interested in them. She even manages to be inoffically adopted into the family, at least by the two boys.

No wonder this episode has NO comic relief except Shigure (when he provokes the boys into thinking about Tohru) and no eyecatches at all.

Kyo and Yuki have openly acknowleged that she is important to them (although Yuki has admitted his admiration of her personality to others before now), and her catalyst role has brought the taciturn Yuki to take clear action, while the people-shy and emotionally-clumsy Kyo tortures himself into admitting his emotions to Tohru and to encourage her to be a bit more forward. It seems as if a riceball can belong in a fruits basket, after all.


Click here to watch a slideshow of the most interesting moments in Episode 5. You better bring some time though, since the images are of good quality ;-)


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