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:Episode 6-"If those people are dear to you":
(focus on Tohru, Uo-chan, Hana,chan)

All is settled now, or so you might think, with Tohru having official permission from both sides of the concerned families (her grand-dad and Akito-sama respectively) to stay with the Sohma Shigure household.... but of course, Tohru still has neglected to inform the only OTHER people she has emotional bonds with of the pertinent fact that she has been living with the all-male Sohma household for some time.

It's time to come clean and tell her best friends, Uo-chan and Hana-chan, of her current living accommodations, and to tell them - Tohru being the honest straightforward soul she is - how she came to be rooming with the "prince" and his cousin. This episode introduces us more intimately to the emotional bonds between Uo-chan, Hana-chan and Tohru and - in addition - gives further insight into Kyoko, Tohru's late mother, who had a major influence on all three girls. It is also - to my mind - the most slapstick-comedy based episode in the whole series (which means that the pictures won't really show the half of it and you really ought to finish waiting and go out and buy the DVDs available now ^^ to see this in all its goodness).

Tohru tells her tale and her two friends immediately are deeply suspicious of the Sohmas motives at harboring the sweet, naive Tohru in their household:

Hana-chan (crushing a magazine with both her hands): I wonder if we might have them allow us over. (Tohru gasps) I'd like to see with my own eyes whether the environment is appropriate for having you stay with them.
Uo-chan (full of enthusiasm): That'd be great, Hanajima! Let's go right away!
(Tohru looks on in disbelief with an open mouth)
Hana-chan: Hold on... If we suddenly show up, they might not serve tea and snacks.
Uo-chan: You're right. We could be inconveniencing them. 'kay then, we'll be counting on you to put us up tomorrow night.
Tohru gives in: Y-Yeah... (gets her energy back) Okay!

While the Sohmas do not seem to have expected this development (I wonder if they do all their visiting within the family, or if the whole clan is just very stand-offish), Shigure happily enough allows Tohru to invite her friends over - never mind the problems with the Juunishi curse:

Shigure, happily speculating: I wonder what kind of girls Tohru's friends are.
Kyo (deadpan): A yankee and a vibe
Shigure turns to stone and his face almost falls off while turning red.
(for the record: yankee in Japan means something like "uncouth, rough, probably part of a gang, foreign" - Uo-chan is blonde-haired after all)

The two boys - who know Uo-chan and Hana-chan after all - are a bit more worried.

Kyo: Is this really alright?
Yuki: As long as you don't do anything stupid.
Kyo: That goes double for you, you damn rat.
Shigure, suddenly turning serious: If those two were to learn that we are possessed by the spirits of the Juunishi, what would happen?
...At the very least I suppose that Tohru-kun would no longer be allowed to stay in this house.
(completely going happy-go-lucky again) Well, even so, something surely will turn up, "Que sera sera" and all.

Juuust a lucky break, when Hana-chan says "Dog!"When the girls arrive they, of course, ask Shigure directly how he manages to finance his household anyway - wouldn't want Tohru to get in a problematic position, after all ^^. Hana-chan says "Dog!", and the males almost die of fear that she has discovered her secret, but there's actually a stray near the house (has Shigure been nervous and he was called by that? After all that often happens to Kyo and Yuki).

Everyone is completely flabbergasted that Shigure is a published writer of good books and heartbreaking romances for women (specially since Tohru herself didn't know he was a novelist in the first place). I wonder if he didn't show that romance off, to get attention away from the fact that Tohru still didn't know what the man of the house did for work, which might have looked bad to her friends.

Tohru being happy that she has found out something new about her new familyTohru (thinking): I'm so happy. I just made another new discovery.
Uo-chan looking on in amazement at Tohru's ecstatic face.

Since they are already on the subject of as-yet-unknown information the Sohmas are also curious to find out how Tohru met those two strange girls, who give off a much stronger and not really tolerant impression to the boys.

Tohru: They saved me. "I told you not to step on those, you dirty pug!"
(all the Sohmas look flabbergasted) When we were in middle school. I had dropped a large number of notes...
(even more flabbergasted)
Shigure: ... You don't say...
Uo-chan: I did have plenty of energy back then.
Yuki/Kyo: Back then?
Tohru: That's because you were still in the ranks, Uo-chan.
(Sohma males look extremely shocked)
Uo-chan, cheerfully: Must've been. My gang debut was in 5th grade, and all.
Tohru: You were always wearing masks, and such.
Uo-chan: With my eyebrows thinned out, and wearing long skirts.
Hana-chan: Oh dear. That's true even now, Arisa.
Uo-chan: I guess you're right. Ha ha ha..

It turns out that Hana-chan loves romance novels, and therefore puts Shigure on the spot with her demand for the next volume. He's flattered but also unnerved by her piercing gaze, while Tohru is just happy that her old friends and new family seem to have interests in common: "To think that I would be able to see everyone enjoying themselves like this!" She thinks of the perfect way to spend the time and goes off to fetch the necessary items, leaving the Sohmas and her friends sizing each other up without her buffering presence.

Shigure: So then... Saki-chan, what brought you and Tohru-kun together?
Hana-chan (in a very disturbing way): Oh, are you sure you want to hear?
Shigure (discomfited): That is, whatever brought you together is fine, huh? As long as you're friends now.
Hana-chan (very quiet voice): When we were in middle school, I transferred into Tohru-kun's class, see?
Shigure: Oh? You transferred?
Hana-chan: Yes... At my previous middle school I had caused a slight problem...
(horror on all Sohma faces, imagination seems to be working overtime ^^)
Shigure: Well then..., I have some work to do, so I will excuse myself. You young folks go ahead and enjoy yourselves (whisks away out of sight).
Yuki (thinks): He ran off.
Kyo (thinks): He ran the hell away.

With everyone now knowing how Tohru came into their lives and the preliminary checking out over, Uo-chan voices her insecurity with the secrecy in which Tohru has acted since she met the Sohmas - no doubt aware that Tohru herself would only stammer and blush, if she were called to explain (how do you explain the Juunishi curse and secrecy if you are not allowed to, anyway?).

Uo-chan: You know something... Tohru-kun seems to be fitting right in at this house. I'm happy for her... and I understand why she was careful not to say anything to us.
However, we took an oath before Kyoko-san's grave that when the time came, we would be there to help each other. It may sound like we overdid it, but for us, Tohru was our first pal and everything...
Tohru... Tohru and Kyoko-san, you see, gave me incredible strength. The power to climb my way out of the places where I had fallen. The power to believe I could change myself on my own.
When I met those two, for the first time I thought on my own... that I wanted to change... that I wanted to be someone who could proudly say "I am Tohru's friend".
And so this time around, the fact that I couldn't do anything for bothers me.
After all with only Tohru having to go through this trouble...
is it that she can't rely on us?
Is it that she doesn't value us as friends?
Kyo: She's not the kind of girl to worry about something like that.
Yuki: Honda-san is someone who clearly understands other people's feelings.

And - as if to validate his opinion - she comes back with the card game Yuki wasn't able to join in, the first time they played it at school (in Episode 3, you might remember): Poor Man, Rich Man (Dai Hi Min).
Yuki can only stare at her in amazement and gratitude for her thoughtfulness and memory.

While he sits there, surprised and touched, Tohru even asks Yuki to shuffle the cards. Which he blushingly accepts (kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii ^-^)

~ Eyecatch ~

From here on the episode has in my opinion the best slapstick in all of Fruits Basket, on a par with some off the funnier Cowboy Bebop episodes. Lots of eyecatches, lots of fast changes - you really need to see it in action to appreciate it. The screenshots I took should give you some impression, though.

The game gets heated very fast, not surprising with Kyo and Uo-chan taking part. When Kyo disgustedly decides he needs a time out to go to the bathroom, the exited Uo-chan takes it as a challenge to block him - daaaangerous water. She bumps into him and POOF! Kyo seems to have vanished.

That is of course, because Uo-chan isn't looking down where he's just coming to in cat-form with all his clothes lying in a heap around him. He manages to quietly drag his clothes to the sliding door and jumps out into the garden, while Yuki distracts Uo-chan with some small-talk. Tohru wants to help too, and suggest a different game "until Kyo-kun comes back from the restroom". Uo agrees, turns to the table and slips on Kyo's clothes lying on the floor, starting to fall. Tohru sees this, gets up fast, slips on the seating cushion and ALSO starts to fall. Yuki shouts for her to be careful and throws himself below her to cushion her fall, with the speed of the mouse - which he will become in a moment when POOF! Tohru lands on him.

Hana-chan looks on calmly, but even she realizes that Tohru has fallen, so she and Uo-chan run to her side. Yuki Netsumi wriggles from under Tohru's body and runs like crazy to the garden doors as well (you really have to see this... words just can't describe the timing and the facial expressions). The director used "bullet time" that slow-motion version of time going past which Hong Kong action movies (and movies like the Matrix) use so well - and it works here just as brilliantly to show how everything in reality happens at the same time.

Tohru assures her friends she's alright, realizes she's lying on top of Yuki's clothes and desperately wraps them around her hand, saying she didn't fall at all she was just cleaning (both the Sohma boys of course now can't get at their clothes, even if they turn back to human ^^) and proceeds to rub Yuki's clothes on the floor...

Meanwhile, Yuki and Kyo still in animal-form have a stare-off underneath the garden-porch side of the house (fortunately Shigure's house is a traditional Japanese one, with lots of spaces to hide, built of wood mostly).

The girls are trying to play cards, with Uo-chan complaining how long Kyo is taking in the restroom, and that - "at some point" Yuki has disappeared, too. Suddenly the orange paw of a cat desperately grabs for Kyo's clothes from beneath the garden porch. Hana-chan and her vibe-detector realize it, but fortunately Shigure shows up again and loudly tries to distract the guests by wanting to be part of the game, as well. He brags about how good he is, sits down to play, when suddenly the orange cat paw changes to a human arm, which is long enough to grab the clothes ^^. Unfortunately, both Uo-chan and Hana-chan, have heard the "boom" sound, which accompanied the change, and comment on it.

(We return to bullet - time)
Tohru starts to panic: This is terrible! Kyo-kun has returned to his original form!
Shigure starts to panic: Unless something happens, he'll be seen by those two! And what's worse, he'll be buck naked!
Tohru has an idea: I know! For now, I'll just throw him Sohma-kun's clothes here!
Shigure has the same idea: At any rate, if we don't cover this up now...!
Tohru flying with Shigure's throwing powerBoth grab the clothes and try to throw it at Kyo at the same time, but Shigure is much stronger and when he THROWS the clothes, he also throws Tohru out the door (*ROFL*)
Shigure: This is awfully heavy... *gasp*
*look of horror* Tohru lands on top of him

Tohru is hanging around big dog Shigure's neck, with Uo-chan and Hana-chan looking on rather disturbed when Shigure saves the day: "Woof!" *wags tail* Tohru greets him with lots of warmth, acting as if he is a pet dog coming to visit :"Pochi-san!" ... Which makes no sense to tall, dark and handsome Shigure-dog, since he has no spots whatsoever (pochi = spot), but he decides to go along with her, to Tohru's relief.

Hana-chan, who loves her snacks, realizes there are none left and asks for the kitchen (she's a help-yourself lady ^^), turns around and bumps into Kyo who has JUST managed to get into his clothes and is returning to the living room from the garden: POOF! (Bullet-time, the third) Shigure tries to cover up on the effect by jumping around and barking like mad in his dog-form, while Kyo-cat is falling to the floor. For some reason Yuki turns audibly into a human at the same moment, so jumping, barking Shigure grabs his clothes in the teeth and flings them into the garden.

Outside the sliding door Kyo-cat is just catching his breath, while Uo-chan comments on the fact that she could have sworn she just had seen him... (the human Kyo, of course). Shigure jumps at her and barks, when human Yuki comes in the door and comments that Pochi might be hungry. Tohru, relieved, jumps up to lead Shigure to the kitchen, when she almost gets a heart-attack because Hana-chan stops her.... to ask her to bring some snacks too. (whatever has happened to Shigure's clothes, we do not learn :P).

In the kitchen Shigure actually happily (tail wagging) munches some food in a dog bowl (dog food??).
Tohru: I'm so sorry. I did not intend for this to be such an inconvenience to everyone.
Shigure *chomping*: Hey, nuffin' to abologishe for.
Tohru: Even so...
Shigure *looking up*: Tohru-kun, if those people are dear to you, then they are people dear to us too, you see?

Shigure may have his manipulative, sneaky, irresponsible side, but it is he who now makes Tohru finally realize that her "Fruits Basket"-family also knows that this "onigiri" belongs in there and therefore will accept her with everything that comes with her.

Feeling very blessed inside, she wants to return to the living-room, where Hana-chan, Uo-chan and an increasingly worried Yuki are waiting for her to return. They look at him suspiciously, so Yuki gets up to get Tohru.. who just returns with a plate full of round,white Daifuku buns, and bumps into him.. POOF!

(Bullet-time, version 4, very cool jazzy gangster-movie music in the background) So now we have a mouse-Yuki floating in the air, covered in white rice dust, looking exactly like one of the flying rice balls, begging Tohru to save him, but she can't tell him from the flying buns, grabs and SQUISHES... a bun ^^ (don't worry this part is in the screenshots I took - it's the best slapstick of the episode).
Yuki *covered in the rest of the Daifuku buns, crying quietly*: "Honda-san, that's a Daifuku bun. And yet to think you squeezed it so hard that that much bean paste came out!"

Mouse Yuki and dog Shigure are looking in the clothes dryer to find some new clothes, but no luck. Kyo-cat is annoyed and thinks that even if the two girls found out they could simply be made to forget the whole mishap.

Shigure: That is so, but would that be alright with you?
Kyo: Would what be?
Shigure: It would mean Tohru-kun's memory would be erased as well.
*pregnant silence all around, all three look at each other*
Kyo *exasperated*: I can manage something in the way of clothes!

We next see Kyo-cat with a set of THREE changes of clothing tied around his neck (don't ask me how :P), running out of his room upstairs, jumping down the stairs like crazy (with the moon and stars as the background of his will to make it!), when the door to the living-room opens and Uo-chan plus Hana-chan come out, while he runs down the hallway.
Uo-chan hasn't seen him and is almost on top of him (Bullet-time, again) when Hana-chan warns her, and Shigure-dog grabs Kyo-cat by the neck and drags him to safety into the living-room, crossing the room in one jump into the hedges of the garden - dog, cat and three changes of clothes!

Uo-chan hadn't even seen Kyo-cat, but Hana-chan tells her what she almost stepped on ("An orange cat, with clothes tied around his neck... *Tohru freezes in shock, not having seen any of it*... being carried in the mouth of a dog... who went that way").

Looking into the garden, a naked Shigure (lower half hidden by a bush) is using blue jeans as a "dry town rub-down" to throw the girls off the scent, while an also naked Kyo looks on in disgust.

~ Eyecatch ~

The three girls get ready for bed in Tohru's room, when Hana-chan comments on what a nice bed it is, which makes Tohru hurry to point out that Shigure has bought it especially for her (it's all frilly and pink).

Uo-chan:Huh? What is he? A grandfather celebrating his first grand-child?
Hana-chan: That's precisely how it appears, isn't it

When Uo-chan tells Tohru to ask for some more girl stuff as long as she's staying there, Tohru points out that she doesn't want to overdo it.

The girls in Tohru's bedroom enjoying the new frilly bedTohru: I've just barely realized what a lucky person I am. *remembering Shigure: Tohru-kun, if those people are dear to you, then they are people dear to us too, you see?* I am able to live together with the Sohmas, and I have you, Uo-chan and Hana-chan, as two wonderful friends, after all.
Having you always so kindly at my side...
And how much support that gives to me...
If I'm not properly grateful for it all, I will jinx it. I love you.
Uo-chan and Hana-chan remember Kyo and Yuki:
*Kyo: She's not the kind of girl to worry about something like that.
Yuki: Honda-san is someone who clearly understands other people's feelings.*

Uo-chan: They do understand her, completely.
Hana-chan:Yes, they do. Tohru-kun is that kind of girl, isn't she.
Tohru looks surprised.
Hana-chan: Invincible love.
Uo-chan:That's right.

~ Eyecatch ~

Next morning Tohru is preparing breakfast when a sleep-drunk Yuki bumps his head into Kyo, who is drinking milk. Tohru compliments him on not attacking a half-asleep Yuki, although he wants to fight him so badly. Honest Kyo admits to her that a half-asleep Yuki is lethal. Which makes Tohru realize he HAS already attempted an attack. Kyo gets angry thinking about the fact that this fact means Yuki usually holds back on him when he's awake and gets hit by a now-fully-awake Yuki, who couldn't sleep through his temper-tantrum.

Kyo keeps challenging him and Yuki keeps putting Kyo off coolly, when Hana-chan silently appears in the kitchen and shocks them into freezing with her comment that the two are exactly like Cat and Mouse. Arisa agrees. Hana-chan compares them to "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. Both Yuki and Kyo get to grips with the fact that they forgot they still had guests.

While Arisa thinks that it's rather loud, Hana-chan points out that the house still seems to be pleasant enough, which makes her happy, as she had planned a variety of things to do if it had turned out otherwise (*grin*). However:

Hana-chan:"You two have considerably... fine vibes."
Yuki/Kyo: "Huh?" (Shigure listens through the sliding door, alert)
Hana-chan:"Oh, you're unaware? That too is fine."
Arisa: "Well, we're counting on you to be nice to her."
Hana-chan:"Tohru-kun, that is."
Tohru's eyes are swimming with happy tears, Yuki and Kyo look on surprised.
Arisa:"We'll come visiting again, soon."
Hana-chan:"Indeed. I'd like to pursue the matter of the unusual vibes about the Sohma family itself."

Kyo gets exasperated just thinking of how much could go wrong again, although Tohru tries to promise it will all go much smoother because she will be more careful and because "Uo-chan and Hana-chan are both really, really good people, so please!!".
Kyo didn't expect her to take his grumbling so seriously, so both Yuki and him look at her perplexed.

Kyo:"Fine, whatever you want."
Yuki:"They are Honda-san's friends after all, right?"
Tohru *beaming all over her face*: "Yes!"

Shigure, alone in the living room, opens his morning paper and... smiles to himself.


Click here to watch a slideshow of the most interesting moments in Episode 6. You better bring some time though, since the images are of good quality ;-)


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